Keynote/Invited Talks


  • S.Bantas, IoT and AgTech: technology will feed the world
  • N.Bellas, Reliability and Energy-efficiency optimizations using Significance-Based Computing
  • N.Evmorfopoulos,Large-scale circuit simulation
  • R.Hoofman, An overview and recent highlights of more than 20 years Europractice IC service
  • T.Kakarountas, Greece IEEE Section. Challenges in Circuits and Systems Society in Greece
  • D.Kidd, An Industry View of EDA
  • P.Kitsos, Hardware Trojan Detection Techniques
  • T.Korakis, NITOS IoT Testbed and Applications
  • S.Siskos, Current mode integrated circuit design with application to sensor signal conditioning
  • N.Sklavos, Design and Implementation of Integrated Circuits in Trusted Environments
  • G.Stamoulis, Power integrity – Voltage drop analysis
  • G.Varvarelis–D.Evangelopoulos, [video_popup url=”” text=”From Engineers to Entrepreneurs:How We Discovered We Could Start a Business” auto=””]
  • N.Zervas, Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming
  • N.Zervas, “Dos and Don’ts” for Technology Start-Ups


Papers accepted for poster presentation


  • Manos Antodiadis et al., “Reliable Computing Using the RISC-V Open Architecture”
  • Vasileios Chioktour, Athanasios Kakarountas, “1D Cellular Automata- based Systolic Constant-Delay Radix-2 Counter”
  • Christos Davilas, “Design and development of navigation system for robots in indoor environments”
  • Eleni Isa, Nicolas Sklavos, “On the Detection of Hardware Trojans in Hardware Security”
  • Giannis Kazdaridis et al., Energy Consumption Evaluation in Underwater Acoustic Modems”
  • Giannis Kazdaridis et al., “Low-Power Wake-up Radio for Wireless Sensing Systems”
  • Nikolaos Sketopoulos, Christos Sotiriou, “Fast, Standard-Cell Legalizer supporting Blockages and multiple Displacement”
  • Panagiotis Skrimponis et al., “Enabling mobile experimentation in NITOS indoor testbed”
  • Vassilis Vassiliadis et al., “SCoRPiO: Significance based Computing for Reliability and Power Optimization”